A Life in Haibun (iv)

Sometimes it matches your mood.
Sometimes it messes with your mood.
I was on my morning walk, music on shuffle, when Willie Nelson’s “Borderline” came on.
Instantly, I was back in the 70s (I know Borderline came out 20 years later, but it was the spark) – Band tees, Tony Lama boots and Jack Daniels. I played in bands, saw bands and listened to bands all night long. Music was the great common denominator.  And I felt good, then deeply wrenched, then strutted to the honky tonk beat as if I were a Texas Travolta.
Great times, more vivid every day, cos old memories are more often remembered, which makes them clearer. As much as they are a “true” reflection of the past.

well trod path
familiar trees and skies
different senses


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