Visiting time

Do her lips turn a little bluer
Every day
Oh I can’t say that for sure
I visit
Rarely now


Challenges – a Haikiwi

Ka pukana
O te kupu i kitea me
Haere mai

Fierce facial expressions
The challenge is thrown down-

My first attempt at a Maori Haiku. So if I unintentionally offend through poor grammar or sensibility I apologise. But it is an attempt to explore the rich, vibrant and modern culture of every New Zealander, though it stretches back at least a millennium. Many have seen the fierce warrior with spear stepping and grimacing in front of dignitaries visiting a marae ( village or community). It is about the challenge to be honourable, on the guest and the host, to be peaceful and respectful, at least as I see it.
I welcome comments on the style, content, whatever.