I feel winsome

Pendryw's Poetry

Fly like an Angel.
Gone, you left a miracle;
I miss you all ways.

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Sea of Glory – the song



There’s a storm at sea arisin’, raining in my very soul

Frozen hand upon the tiller, Oh Lord won’t you take control

Sweep the dark and restless clouds from over me, over me

And I’ll sail so clear and breezy upon that Glory Sea

1. Looking back I am yearning for the harbour and the shore

But I’ve have been so long away I can’t see it any more

I have prayed in wind and rain and the mightiest of waves

To the Star of the Sea and St Nick that I be saved


2. I have set out with no heading and have sailed these seas alone

I have travelled with the tightest crews, no better I have known

No course survives the oceans they will just do as they please

This time I’ve seen the gates of hell, no darker times than these



Sea of Glory show the way, well my lessons I have learned

As the night turns into day Oh my passage I have earned

3. Now the red on the horizon says the devil’s night has gone

Sailing on the Sea of Glory I can see the rising sun

Oh I cannot stay forever, but wherever I may be

I know that I will sail again that Glory, Glory Sea


      Then repeat and fade: Sea of Glory, Glory, Glory, Sea of Glory set me free