Reeling feelings

Emotions reeling
Numbness needing in the soul
Once more with feeling


Prequel to “Depression”

Sometimes it is easier to explain what Depression the illness is like through visual or word imagery. This is because sometimes you cant be bothered to explain, or it takes too long with hesitations and wrong words and meanings, or you’re irritated by being asked/challenged again,or you just cant find the words to fit the feeling, its ineffable. But ask anyone who’s been through it and, like PTSD, you feel a kinship, someone else doesn’t just understand they KNOW deep in their soul what its like.

We dont talk about it much though up to 1 in 5 may suffer from one of its forms at some time in their life and maybe 1 in 20 have its severest form.

So if any of these works touch a spark of recognition or an “Aha!” moment in you, job done.

P.S. Check out Curly Miri’s site for a great interview blog entry.