Hungry ghosts

I hear their voices.
The hungry ghosts have returned.
What are they wanting?
My tears have drowned my guilt;
Fill the hollow with your cries.


Anger haiku

His back breaks beneath
The warchest of deep anger
Old pain in his eyes
Back straining and legs trembling
He stands, freeing his burden

Salvation Angels

Salvation’s angels are on the road tonight.
Roaring through the alleyways of sleep
On Heavenly Harleys

Ronins of necessity, freed from celestial chains,
Gathering the fleeting fragments of bliss
Down axonal avenues

Errant knights from the nightly Dreamtime,
Where the whirled serpent curls and flexes,
Riding sleep’s songlines

Rogue saviours of drifting strands of meaning,
Lost in the nightmare cacophony of hungry ghosts’ voices
Calling for attention

Lone rangers of the painted deserts and panting dendrites,
They drop their kickstands at morning.
Salvation’s angels

Creative self

Okay, we once had a neighbour called Sheldon and I may have absorbed through psychosmosis (more about this later) a fascination with the mind, psychology, spiritual concepts and, then all by myself, science’s difficulty in laughing at itself.

Because yesterday I read about How To Be Creative. Now this is actually a good read, but it proposes, I think, that creativity arises in the space between two concepts and the further away from each other these concepts are, the more creative or innovative is likely to be the phenomenon born in that very space! Yes! Construal Level theory (CLT)strikes again! A straight line might be the shortest distance betwen two points but it may not be the most interesting and arresting and attractive way to travel. Someone should have told Jack Kerouac that before he started writing the same book over and over (seriously, I am a big fan of his writing but can’t eat all of it).

So stop trying to create and sha-boom! Or is it not really that easy. I need to know! Let’s ask a scientist. No, an artist. No, a…

*Psychosmosis: the absorption of learning through proximity to a knowledge source. Its how I did a lot of research at work – get a pile of books, put them on my desk and lo and behold, no need to open them. Kids, don’t try this at home.