Thunder rolls haiku

I heard thunder roll
Two miles away and counting
Then lightning struck me




So the storm begins
Uprooting all that is grown
Living is raining

The haiku has become a way I can express what I find inexpressible in other ways. In this blog, I hope to provoke others to revitalise the simplicity of expression it gives the writer and the understanding, “aha!” or even epiphany it gives the reader.

I wear the winter
Through rain dropping on my eyes
I see sun shining
In a chorus of colours
I hear the winter

There is a 29 syllable version of the more commonly known 17 syllable haiku; indeef, the 5 line poem originated first and had a symmetry around the third line, as above. Mostly, I hope to post the usual 17 syllable haiku. Join me and travel the Human Highway.